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Teach you five kinds of canned fruits at a time. In summer, fruit should be eaten like this. It's

 Teach you five kinds of canned fruits at a time. In summer, fruit should be eaten like this. It's cool, delicious and heatstroke-relieving.

In a twinkling of an eye, the hot summer weather always wants to eat something ice-cold. When summer comes, the author likes canned fruits best. In the first place, the taste is better. In the second place, the cold canned fruits taste better. Because they are made by themselves, they will not be too sweet to eat, so the children of canned families like them very much. Well, children used to hate fruits, but when they were canned, they couldn't eat any more. And canned food is also very simple. It can be said that even children can easily learn after reading it. So the author is going to teach you how to make some cold and delicious canned fruits when summer comes. It's really a recipe worth trying. The author feels that summer fruits should be eaten in this way.
[Canned bayberry] Ingredients: 500g bayberry, 70-80g ice sugar and 700g water
1. Soak bayberry in salt water for more than 1 hour. During this period, water can be changed many times! To ensure that all the white worms are bubbling out
2. Then we pour the sugar and water into the pot and heat the oven until the sugar melts.
3. Then pour the bayberry into the pot and boil it over a low heat. During the cooking, stir it gently with a spoon. Turn off the fire when the color of the boiled water turns red.
4. The dried Bayberry and bayberry juice can be put into a sealed tank. Finally, put it in the refrigerator for overnight refrigeration.
Tip: Good bayberry must be refrigerated for 2 days before drinking. Because the sour taste of Bayberry can be released completely at this time, and the sour and sweet taste will be more obvious when drinking. I have done experiments, soak for one day and soak for two days. The taste is totally different. The first day only has sweet taste, the second day can obviously drink sour and sweet taste, and the taste has become more appreciated.
Ingredients: 450 g of yellow peach (weight after peeling and nucleating), 90 g of ice sugar
1. Wash and peel the Yellow peach, then cut it into blocks, try not to cut too small.
2. Yellow peach and ice sugar are poured into a large bowl together. It is suggested that ice sugar should be placed at the bottom of the bowl, so that it will be easier to boil when steaming.
3. Pour appropriate amount of water into the steaming pot, cover the lid, boil the water, after boiling the water, send the yellow peach into the steaming pot. Steam for about 15 minutes.
4. Steamed yellow peaches can be seen around a lot of juice! Ice sugar is the key to juice production, so ice sugar can never be reduced in dosage.
5. Put yellow peaches and soup in sealed jars, cool them and refrigerate them overnight. When eating, it's really delicious to dilute them with ice.
[Canned longan] The ingredients are as follows: 400 grams of longan, 440 grams of water and 58 grams of ice sugar.
1. Peel and nucleate longan, then pour water and sugar into the pot. Then pour longan into the pot. After boiling over a large fire, turn to a small one and boil for 10 minutes.
2. Cool the boiled longan and put it in the sterilized glass bottle. Sealed and refrigerated for one day.
Tip: Canned ice sugar can't be replaced by fine granulated sugar. All canned cans are. Because the taste of the two is totally different.
[Canned oranges] Ingredients: 1 kg orange, 315 g water, 61 g ice sugar
1. Peel the orange and reserve it. Then pour the sugar and water into the pot. Heat the fire until the sugar melts.
2. Melt the ice sugar and pour the oranges in. Boil the oranges over a high heat for about 8 minutes before turning to a low one.
3. Cool the boiled oranges and put them in a bottle. Then put them in the refrigerator and refrigerate them overnight for better taste.
Tip: The white part of the orange must be torn clean. You can't leave a silk on it. If the white part is not torn clean, then the canned orange you make must be bitter.
Materials: 1 pear, 280 g water and 40 g ice sugar
1. Peel the pear and cut it into pieces. Then pour the pear, sugar and water into the pot.
2. Let's boil it over a high heat first, then turn to a low one and boil it for 10 minutes.
3. After the finished product is cooled, pour it into the bottle and refrigerate it overnight for better taste.