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How to produce canned mushroom

 Canned mushrooms are processed from fresh mushrooms or salted mushrooms. According to the mushroom morphology, they can be divided into seven varieties: whole mushroom, button mushroom, special mushroom, flake mushroom, fragment mushroom, button mushroom and cap mushroom.

(1) Process flow: raw material selection rinsing pre-cooking grading slice exhaust sealing sterilization and cooling. (2) Operating essentials: 1. Selection of raw materials. Fresh mushrooms should be Milky white; have the odor that fresh mushrooms should have, no peculiar odor; the whole mushroom has no roots and stalks, the shape of the bacterial cap is complete, the surface is smooth, no depression, round or nearly circular, 20-40 mm in diameter, the stalks are cut flat, the length is not more than 8 mm, no thin skin mushroom, umbrella opening, scales, hollow, off stalks, mud roots, spots, diseases and insects, mechanical injury, pollution, discolored mushrooms, impurities, etc. 。 Salted mushrooms require light yellow mushrooms, clear brine; salted mushrooms should have the taste and smell; after light pressure and elasticity, other requirements are the same as fresh mushrooms.
Rinse. After mushroom harvest, remove the muddy root stalk, put it in 0.03% sodium pyrosulfite solution, gently turn up and down, wash away sediment, impurities, wax and lipid on mushroom surface. Rinse for 2 minutes. Remove and rinse in running water. (3) pre cooking. In the preheater, boil 0.1% citric acid solution for 5-8 minutes (boiling thoroughly is the criterion), or boil 0.1% citric acid solution for 6-10 minutes in a sandwich pot. The ratio of mushroom to liquid is 1:1.5. Cool quickly to room temperature after preboiling. (4) Graded section. According to the specifications of processing cans, the mushroom bodies which are not suitable for the whole packaging, such as the cracked cap, deformity, umbrella opening and color abnormality, are selected. The diameter of the mushroom is about 15mm, the diameter of the mushroom is about 25mm, the diameter of the mushroom is about 35mm, the diameter of the mushroom is about 3rd grade, and the mushroom below 45mm is used for processing sliced mushroom. The mushroom with the diameter of more than 45mm can be used for processing broken
Mud root, Mushroom Stalk too long or furring, pests and diseases, spotted mushroom and so on should be trimmed. After trimming, the mushroom without folds can be trimmed. The umbrella can be used as Shredded Mushroom if the handle is opened, the cover is uncovered, the cover is incomplete and there are a few spots. Large mushrooms with diameters of 19-45 mm should be used to produce slices of mushroom. Slices of 3.5-5.0 mm thick should be cut lengthwise with a fixed-time slicer and washed once before filling.
Install cans. The containers should be inspected strictly before filling, and unqualified empty cans should be shaved out. Then wash it in hot water at 90 - 95 C and put it on a clean shelf to drain it. Different grades of mushrooms should be canned separately, and the color, size and handle length should be roughly uniform in the same tank. Soup formula: refined salt 2.3%~2.5%, citric acid 0.05%. When adding soup juice, the temperature of soup juice should be above 80 C. _Exhaust seal. Exhaust in time after pre-sealing. Using thermal exhaust, the central temperature of cans is 70-80 C, and vacuum exhaust is 0.047-0.053 mPa.
_Sterilization and cooling. Net weight 198 g, 284 g, 425 g, 184 g, sterilization formula: 10'-(17'-20') - back pressure cooling / 121 C. Net weight 850 g, sterilization formula: 15'-(27'-30') - back pressure cooling / 121 C. Net weight 3000 g, 2840 g, 2977 g, sterilization formula: 15'-(30'-40') a back pressure cooling / 121 C.
(3) Quality standard: only the whole mushroom can in fresh mushroom can is introduced. The mushroom is pale yellow, the soup is clear and the juice is pale yellow; the canned mushroom with fresh mushroom processing should have the taste and odor, no odor; soft and elastic, bacterial diameter 18-35 mm, the shape of bacterial cap is complete, no deformity mushroom and open umbrella mushroom, the stalk cut surface is smooth, the length is not more than 8 mm, the size of bacterial stalk in the same can is uniform, and the length of the stalk is basically consistent with the physical and chemical and hygienic indicators; Relevant national requirements.