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China canned mushroom factory offer good quality canned mushroom

 Success Food Group Limited offer canned mushroom to all word customers, our mushroom factory are located in Henan province, Henan province have good natural resources to produce mushroom, to make sure we could offer good quality to our customers and control the cost, we have build our own mushroom farms nearby our factory.

Our mine canned mushroom product are canned mushroom whole, canned mushroom pns, canned mushroom cut, canned mushroom sliced, canned shiitake whole, canned shiitake slice, canned oyster mushroom, canned different persent oyster mushroom with champignon. 

And we can offer different mushroom dry weight as the customer request, the size we can offer 425ml, 850ml, 2650ml, 3100ml.

In this year, we will purchase the jar mushroom produce line, we could offer the 370ml, 580ml, 1700ml jar mushroom.

Our mushroom customers are from Russia, Dubai, Singapore, Nepal... We hope to have cooperation with more customers. If you have plan for mushroom, please contact us, we will offer our best price for your check.